Monday, October 10, 2016
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Good News Coders

After much demand, we're happy to announce beta rounds of our new course, Coding Basics with Python.

Upcoming start dates: Tue Oct 11 (tomorrow!), and Tue Oct 25.

Coding Basics with Python New!

Python is one of our most frequently requested topics, and the beta rounds are on us ($0.00!), so be sure to grab a spot before they run out.

Meanwhile, our two flagship courses are also starting new rounds...

HTML: Website Basics
Beginner CSS: Styling Websites Now on to the goodies!
Three women sitting at a table

Representative Stock Photos

When discussing the disparity of women and minorities in tech, there's a useful reminder in the phrase: “If she can see it, she can be it.” Visibility goes a long way in influencing the underrepresented to enter (and stick around) the tech industry. And so, we're pretty psyched to find #WOCinTech's collection of stock photos featuring women and non-binary people of color in tech.

Halloween Costumes For Designers

This nerdy list of Halloween costume ideas for designers made us chuckle, so we thought we'd share the inspiration :-)
Wordpress logo

WordPress Desktop App

WordPress has a new Desktop application for managing sites and self-hosted installations. The app touts a fast, streamlined experience for managing multiple WP sites, with real-time updates and cross-device support.
Simple CSS site header

Simple CSS Media Queries

Media queries, a fundamental ingredient of responsive design, allow you to write different CSS rules catered to different screen resolutions. Typically, we should design for a wide spectrum of screen sizes, but sometimes you need to fine tune a query to a specific device or breakpoint. Enter Simple CSS Media Queries, a tool to generate media queries for more devices than you even knew existed.

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